When the needle get´s pushed and your head´s in the sky

You´re gettin´ spaced - there are no wrong or rights

Shoot over hills and seas - right next to your dreams

Sleeping with your eyes open - too high to die


Living under preassure - no time to lose

Life´s full of treasure - no emotion to chose

On Acid Wings


Going up fast falling for a lifetime

Into a deep black hole of muddy days

Your money´s spent before seasons end

But if you´re lying facedown, killing ain´t no crime




Trucks and me are loaded - as you can see

Get back on the rocky road - the next meet & greet

The stage is open - I feel alright

Me and the boys - we rock this place tonight

Turn on the lights - show has begun

All these great tunes that I love to sing along

We´re going crazy - we´ll get you by the balls

Gimme a bottle and a crowd that calls


They say - Rock Like Fuck

I say - Rock Like Fuck

We say - Rock Like Fuck


Times are changing - I still love that sound

I stay out late - I am lost and found

I won´t forget - no - nothing at all

Waiting for the night to come - let the curtain fall

Always on the hunt - to see ya all

I will do it anyway - we will have a ball

Show me the way how it´s to be

Oh I can´t fight the rockstar in me




I feel just rage inside , I need a reason to believe

Today´s the first day from the rest of my life

I´m tired ,so stop to tease,please

Don´t waste my limited time,so can´t you see the signs

So, Fuck you everybody goodnight !

I hide my soul, like Billy´s Jesus Plastico his Jack

I never wanna be close to you,´cause you´re such a crap

Don´t waste my time,can´t you see the signs -so,fuck you everybody goodnight


Hey- I´m sick of it all - sick of this monkey business

Hey- I´m sick of it all - you never see me jealous

Where there´s a whip there´s a way thanks for trying

And here I am with a whiplash smile

Hey- I´m sick of it all

And I´m sick of YOU!


Yeah,yeah, you´re better,blah,blah,your band is hipper

I wanna pull,I wanna pull,pull,pull the trigger

Get off my back,just go away

You know what what happened when the good old Clint said

"Make my day"

So don´t wast my time....


Sometimes I wish I had a gun

I wanna do those things to you that never have been done



Here I am raving mad as hell

And here I am with a rebel yell

Hey-I´m Sick of it all




So many people I don´t like,whirlwind my head

There´s a better place for you - be quick or be dead

Turn around and let me see your backs from far away

There´s no place for you to stay - better make my day


So many people I don´t like whirlwind my head

Turn around and let me see your backs from far away



Save a prayer for Charlie - He sent me all his might

Oh god - Save a prayer for Charlie - how many people died


Did I mention that his blood runs through my veins

Is there really anyone,anyone who complains?

Aren´t you sorry for making me sick - you bastards fucks

I wanna make sure - it´s your life that sucks





Comeback - my heart is wide open

Come home - I´ll love you to death

Comeback - the way back is open

My love - knows no regrets


My blood is on the run,but the wound is missing

And there´s a scar on my heart

Yeah,right it´s plagiarism

You know ,where´s no plentive there´s no judge

You know, I don´t care about your grudge

You,know, all these love songs are just a lie

Royalties ´til I die


Now back to the core of this song

My baby now is missing

She´s gone with all her stuff

I cry like heaven is pissing

Now I live in the shadows of life

With my guitar and a bottle JD Suicide

And I hope this song brings a lot of money

I sing on and on "Comeback to me honey"


I wanna see my mug in a glossy magazine

Rather BRAVO as a cheap fanzine

It´s also stolen by and old,old buddy

That´s the business baby,sleazy and muddy

I sing this song just for you

You know my words are always true

You´re so young naive,but my buyer

You don´t know that





Little angel let´s get screwed - don´t think about last night

Gimme that shineng light babe - please don´t stop the fight

Show me that certain something -hold me, hold on tight

C´mon blow up my candlelight


I am sorry I´m to blame, I am not the one to tame

So treat me right,be a good girl candlelight

Girl without a name - -her mouth just knows the game

I feel alright,you´re a bad girl candlelight


I´m a gambler and I win - I will never lose

I look in your eyes and you know who I will choose

I´m a famous bad boy - boy with a dead heart

So c´mon baby make it start


Go down  and let my love grow

C´mon be my shining light

Go down and let my love grow

and you won´t forget the light


I love to love you

I love to touch you

I love to kiss you

I love to fuck with you...




Tonight,tonight I wanna die in your arms tonight

I wanna live your lies tonight

Don´t wanna talk just rock,this night

Alright, alright we both could kill the dead of the night

Damn, we are so tight tonight

Don´t wanna talk, go down and make it right


Hey, we both could kill just for thrills

Immortal for one night

We both could kill the dead of the night


Fuck me I´m famous - Backstage Party

Tonight I wear the devil´s grin

Fuck me I´m famous - Get your honey

Got my autograph on your chin

You think you are my lover, but you´re just another score

I´m looking for the next one, while you´re crawling back for more

Fuck me I´m famous


Tonight, tonight show me if your shirts fits right

I wanna touch don´wanna fight

Where is your head,ooh yeah

My smile is bright

Alright, alright my limousine is waiting outside

I rock you ´til the morning light

Get outta my bed, I expect

The next ride




Hey Baby I´m here to stay with you - let´s take a ride

C´mon over get close to me - baby I don´t bite

You have touched my heart easy as I touched your face

So gimme just one more chance and I win that race


You play with cocks - we fill your box

Next week you´ll hang out with the dogs

Or maybe we will never see again

-- to play --

Hardcore Rock ´n´ Roll

Baby I´m the man of the nation - you know me from the tv station

And from the radio


Come here closer, c´mon touch my heart

Baby I belong to you,yeah, right from the start

Don´t play hard to get girl I know you want it ,too

Let´s do it here and right now, in the human zoo





I will send you on a minefield,to dance the handgrenade boogie

I´ll send you up on my field,to dance the handgrenade


I´ve heard you need a leader

For the stupid games you play

C´mon and follow me

I´ll show you the way



There, is a place for all of you

A place where your dreams come true

A place where you always wanted to be


Depression needs a helper

So come along and walk with me

Don´t need no loaded gun

Or no hanging tree




She´s all what I need she´s so hard to handle, so hard to please

Got an angel´s face and a devil´s grin

And I meet her down at the Deathrow Inn

I am what I never wanted to be

Solution for all your tragedies

I am what I never wanted to be

With the edge up in the clouds

When it all comes down

Is there a special place for a special source


She´s all what I need she´s so hard to handle so hard to please

Got an angel´s face and a devil´s grin

And you meet her down at the Deathrow Inn

When it all comes down,when god´s too busy

And justice was too blind to see

My angel´s face,my devil´s grin

Then I lay you down with a cut so slim

I am what I ever wanted to be

My nature fights against your misery

I am what I ever wanted to be

And the blade cuts through the clouds

When it all comes down

Is there a special place for a special source